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Change #7697

Category None
Changed by Kyle Huckins <khuckinsohnoyoudont@catalyte.io>
Changed at Mon 15 Mar 2021 17:32:38
Repository git://git.evergreen-ils.org/Evergreen.git
Project Evergreen
Branch master
Revision aa09c0a9560d841312b69455b77d1b04d4122711


LP#1424815: 'Read more' accordion in record view
- Introduce custom accordion.JS to handle expand/truncation of
node information.
- Expansion/Truncation of individual nodes based on configurable
- Refactor content.tt2 to properly display multiple notes with both
Read More and Highlighting features.
- Create accordion() macro in summary.tt2 to handle accordion-izing
a string when also supplied with a length, display field string,
and an optional highlighting boolean.
- Implementation of config.tt2 variables to handle enabling and length
requirements for truncation.
- Apply Read More to record Title as well as item details and graphics
text on record and search results.
- Teach Accordion functionality to understand blocks of HTML
- Add release notes for Read More functionality.

Signed-off-by: Kyle Huckins <khuckins@catalyte.io>
Signed-off-by: Ruth Fraser <rfrasur@gmail.com>
Signed-off-by: Michele Morgan <mmorgan@noblenet.org>
Signed-off-by: Galen Charlton <gmc@equinoxinitiative.org>

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