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Change #3480

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Changed by Jason Boyer <jboyerohnoyoudont@library.in.gov>
Changed at Wed 24 Aug 2016 08:27:06
Repository git://git.evergreen-ils.org/Evergreen.git
Project Evergreen
Branch master
Revision 780f40a960cea5867c368a106fbd326832b8c4e1


LP1593834: Add Date Header to A/T Email Examples
RFCs 822 and 2822 specify that a Date: header has to be sent
indicating when an email was sent. Without this, clients that
default to displaying the Sent Date may end up using a "NULL"
date, or 1970-01-01 00:00:00 UTC, which is not ideal. This
adds the header to the example A/T templates for email and
SMS messages, and includes instructions on correcting
existing tempalates.

Signed-off-by: Jason Boyer <jboyer@library.in.gov>
Signed-off-by: Mike Rylander <mrylander@gmail.com>

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